Selena White

Portrayed By:

Marlena L.


10 (Season 1)
10-11 (Season 2)
12-13 (Season 3)





First Appearance:

A Waters Change

Last Appearance:



Unknown family members

Best Friends:

Jackie Sky,
Emily Emery


Mia On / Off
The Shadow

Love interest



Selena's background is pretty unknown. The only thing to be sure of is that she had known Jackie since kindergarten. Selena and Jackie might have known Mia since kindergarten too, and had alot more fights with her than with Emily.

Becoming A mermaid

Selena never found it hard to live life as a mermaid. She enjoys it, but when somethings change like when she got her powers, she was the one who was scared the most. Otherwise she takes things as it comes. In mid-season two Selena's tail change coler to a dark pink.


Jackie and her were best friends since kindergarten, and before they met Emily they had alot of history together. When she met Emily things changed a bit. Selena never noticed the changes alot, But Jackie and her were a kind of floating away from each other.


Her first power is to make things dissappear, she tried her power on a soap - and it dissappeared. In the second season she have the power to Freeze things.


Selena is a funny and caring person. When shes in big trouble it helps for her to joke around. Even when they all forget that it is the half moon, she said it was cool! She is seen as a very respectful person. Selena is also a sarcastic character, even though they all have their funny moments. She leads a lot of their plans especially the ones regarding Faith. There is no designated leader of the trio, but Selena does tend to take over a lot.

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