season 3: 9/26/12- present

episode 1 It's back_Air date 9/26/12

episode 2 Back again_air date 12/15/12

episdoe 3 Christmas magic_air date 12/26/12

episode 4 Is this a trick?_ Air date 3/21/13

episode 5 Spells& magic_air date 6/20/13

episode 6 Secrets aren't safe~ part1_air date 10/25/13

episode 7 Somebody is hiding something~ part2_air date 3/28/14

episode 8 The finale~part1_air date 11/2/14

episode 9 The finale~part2_air date 1/12/15

episode 10 The finale~part3_air date 5/31/15

episode 11 finale- Fate or Faith~part4_ air date TBA

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