Season 2




Sofia Garreton
Marlena Lerner
Natasha Garreton
Ruby Ray
Julianna Goldsmith
Saga Dios

Preceded by:

Season 1

Followed By:

Season 3

Tail Color(s):

Aqua Green/Orange & Purple

"The mermaids are back."

Plot Edit

Now, Mia has become a mermaid. She's new, and still the "mean girl," but doesn't really know how to use her powers. She doesn't know that she can't tell anyone...but even when she finds out, she doesn't care. Revealing herself would be just another way to get even more popularity. With Jackie, Selena and Emily helping her, it's a bit of a struggle...will they handle it? How will they manage when Mia's friends come in?

Cast Edit

Gallery Edit

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