Season 1




Sofia Garreton
Marlena Lerner
Natasha Garreton
Ruby Ray

Followed by:

Season 2

Tail Color:

Lime Green

"A brand new show, a brand new beginning."

Plot Edit

Selena and Jackie were best friends. When they go to the beach, they meet and befriend Emily. When they go for a simple swim, the three girls end up getting lost in the ocean, and they go into a weird rock cave. As the half moon rises, they find a spell. Upon reading the spell, they automatically come home. Everything seems normal, until they spill water on themselves and pop tails.

When a local mean girl, Mia studies with Selena and finds out she is a mermaid, A week later, she discovers that Emily and Jackie are as well. But, Mia is sneaky and follows them. Will she go too far?

Actors Edit

Gallery Edit

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