Natasha Garreton as Emily Emery- Emily is the new girl in town. Emily can be known as a person of her word; when she says something, she means it. She is usually very friendly and snaps at people whenever they have an attitude; she can have quite a temper, at times. She has the power to make objects fly and control water. Natasha appears in all seasons of the show.

Marlena Lerner as Selena White- Selena is funny and very caring. She is the youngest out of the three. At times, Selena tends to be very playful, even if the girls are in trouble or not; but throughout the series, she matures. She has the power to make objects disappear and freezing water. Marlena appears in all seasons of the show.

Sofia Garreton as Jackie Sky- Jackie is known to be very sensitive, thoughtful, caring, nice, and calm. Jackie is sometimes the peacemaker and the solver whenever Selena and Emily fight, which she can't stand. She has the power to heat water and control objects with her mind. Sofia appears in all seasons of the show.

Ruby Ray as Maddy "Mia" Thompson- Mia is mean, snobby, and (most of the time) selfish. But, most of that changed when she became a mermaid; by hanging out with them, she became more friendly. In the third season, Mia says that she isn't who she says she is. Meaning that she might have pretended to be the girls' friend. She has the power to shatter things with her mind.

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