Do You Believe In Magic is The3Tails' theme song for seasons, one and two. It is sung by Aly and AJ, but later on Ruby R. created a cover of it. Ruby's cover was never used on the show.

Information about the song:

Artist: Aly & AJ

Orginal air date: Somewhere in 2006

Genre: Soul, pop

Orginal used in: That's so Raven & Wizards of Waverly Place

Length: 2:15

Seasons used in: Season 1 & Season 2


  • The cast realved on their website, that they once had another theme song 'You Belong With Me' on their mind for the show.
  • The cover by Ruby R. is only one minute long.
  • Most people expected the cast would use this song as their season three theme, but it was replaced by 'Runaway'. 
  • Ruby once told the fans, she might wanted to do a full version later on.

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